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Welcome to the Walsh Scholarship Opportunities Homepage!

Walsh scholarships are limited to prospective, incoming undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree seeking students. Student currently enrolled at Walsh are not eligible to be considered for scholarship funding.

Below you will find a list of Walsh scholarship opportunities. Scholarship opportunities are first offered to undergraduate students with a 3.500 Walsh admitted grade point average; and graduate and doctoral students with a 3.600 Walsh admitted grade point average. Walsh uses all colleges previously attended to calculate the student’s admitted grade point average.

By clicking the blue “sign in” button above, logging in with your Walsh email address and password, and completing the General Application you are applying for all available scholarships. To maximize your chances of qualifying for a scholarship you are encouraged to complete a FAFSA at fafsa.gov.

Applicants who submit a scholarship application prior to the applicable scholarship application deadline date below are given first consideration by the scholarship committee. Applications received after the priority date and no later than the first day of the semester, will be considered if funding remains available. Applications received after the start of the semester will be considered late and not reviewed for eligibility.

Term -————————-Priority date—————————Deadline date
Spring 2020—————- February 1, 2020——————— March 30, 2020
Summer 2020————- May 1, 2020—————————- June 22, 2020
Fall 2020——————- August 1, 2020————————- September 16, 2020
Winter 2020—————- December 1, 2020——————- January 4, 2021

The number of qualified applicants for scholarships may be greater than the available funding. Not all qualified applicants will receive scholarships. The decisions of the scholarship committee are final.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
There are not any opportunities available.